EasyLineNo 2.0 [ CC 2014 / WIN / MAC ]

EasyLineNo 2.0 [ CC 2014 / WIN / MAC ]
EasyLineNo 2.0 [ CC 2014 / WIN / MAC ] EasyLineNo 2.0 [ CC 2014 / WIN / MAC ] EasyLineNo 2.0 [ CC 2014 / WIN / MAC ]
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Line numbering plugin for Adobe InDesign CC 10.x; helps to generate line numbers in a single click within the eye blinking time. Using this plugin you can generate line numbers for the whole document by a click. It supports single and multiple columns;available for Windows and Macintosh.

More Info
* Multiple color change option
* Adjust offset of Line Numbers
* Leap to every Nth number
* Scripting support provided for automation

check functions on toolkit app.easylineno(), app.easylinenoprint()

* Supports to export to interactive PDF
* To avoid crash, Line numbers will not be stored on InDesign Document

On Youtube https://youtu.be/ykElq3hEM58


  1. Open downloaded zxp with Adobe Extension Manager CC. (update may require)
  2. Accept license and install.
  3. Start / Restart Adobe InDesign CC 2014
  4. EasyLineNo extension will be listed under Window->Extensions
  5. Activate product with your company name / name (without space) and purchased activation key.


  • You must have "write" privilege to Adobe InDesign installed folder. (ex : C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC 2014)
  • You must have internet connection to activate this product.

Activation Key will be sent to your email address after your purchase.

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